Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Egg carton Dump Truck


1.styrofoam egg carton

2.small piece of a straw (about 3 inch piece)

3. glue


5. paint or markers

Cut three pieces from your egg carton

-from the top, cut 1/3 of the egg carton to make the bed of the dump truck

-from one side of the bottom, cut the first two cup strip.

-from the other side of the bottom, cut the first 6 cup strip.

-cut the bottom of the middle two cups off the 6 cup strip.

-Glue the two cup strip onto the front of the six cup strip

-Glue the base of the dump truck onto the back of the 6 cup strip

-Draw black windows on the front and black circles (wheels) on the side of the 4 bottom cups.

-Make a small hole in one of the top egg cups. Slip the straw in the hole as a smoke stack

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