Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flower's for mom


• Construction paper

• Glue or tape

1. Trace and cut out a handprint, including the wrist and part of the upper arm. Glue or tape it on a piece of construction paper, only glue the arm and palm parts, do not
glue any fingers!

2. Cut out green stems and leaves, and colored flowers (you'll have to do this ahead of time for the younger children).

3. Glue or tape your stems into the palm of the hand print and put flowers on top of each of them. has amazing ideas!


  1. Isn't it.... I love handprint crafts. It makes it more personal, I think. Perfect idea for mother's day :)

  2. Hey Laura, I awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award this morning...stop by my blog to get it! :)